About us

My name is Sonja Burtscher.

Even from childhood, my heart belongs to the animals, especially the dogs.

As already in the dog sport I was with my former dog, a Chihuahua name's "Gipsy" (2 kg live weight) worked and my husband spent every weekend without four-legged friends with me at the dog place, matured the desire to own a dog and that one (as my husband said) "right". Note: Small dogs are just as intelligent, just give them physical limits are compared to their larger cousins ​​set. Gipsy had completed countless tests in the BGH2 - never had "very good" ends an audit in and has become the BGH2 two-time national champion.

In January 1990 thus came the first white shepherd named

Onyx by Koljana affectionately called "Pasha"

in our home. Very quickly it turned out that our dog was a beauty and this in relation to its fascinating nature and appearance.
As my little Gipsy came in the years matured with me the desire for a White German Shepherd - it should be a bitch.
In June 1993 it was time - her name

Our breeding goal

The job as a breeder I do not see the mindless dog Ever Mehren. My concern is
to breed good dogs to the high demands placed on them in everyday life,
to cope.


The cornerstone of dog breeding are based on:







Between these four pillars is called "knowledge" of good breeder.
If only one of these points in the breeding disregarded, we, as breeders, animal guilty.

As a dog lover I can live with a small imperfection or my dog​​, but never so,
that I am a permanent guest at the vet, or me with a dog with behavioral problems between people
must move. What the animal may better life, should not be an issue really!